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Barnshaws turns up the heat with hot bending service

Barnshaws Section Benders is offering its customers  hot bending services

Barnshaws Section Benders is offering its customers a new hot bending service, ideal for maintaining the mechanical properties of rolled plate and sections as unlike with induction bending there is no need for water quenching afterwards. The process offers advantages when compared to cold bending, and Barnshaws is now one of the few companies worldwide that can offer this very specialist service.

Hot bending involves heating the plate before the bending process takes place. Like a blacksmith at a forge, the hot plate is easier to form, as increasing its temperature offers improved ductility. Furthermore, mechanical properties post-bend are enhanced compared to cold bending, as the plate can be deformed under heat without losing strength. The process also serves to greatly reduce the risk of the plate cracking during the stress of bending.

By reducing the yield of the material during hot bending, Barnshaws is now able to offer rolling much thicker plates. Yield refers to the stress at which a material begins to deform, so a lower yield equates to a reduced bending force requirement. In addition, Barnshaws can now provide small-diameter rolled cylinders formed from the thicker plate than previously possible, increasing choice for end-users. Less ductile materials can also be serviced, further improving options. The business is offering the service for plates up to 7.5 metres in length, marking it out as one of the market leaders in hot bending capability.

The enhanced mechanical properties of the plate after the hot bending process also ensure that exacting UKCA, CE, and ASME standards can be attained with increased ease. As standard, Barnshaws provides full traceability, including documentation and relevant certifications, as is required for structural steelwork.

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