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Additional Services


Laser / Plasma

Laser - Maximum size 12.0m x 2.0m, Mild Steel 25mm, Stainless Steel 30mm, Aluminium 25mm

Plasma - Maximum Size 17.8m x 4.9m up to 20mm thickness

Plasma - Maximum Size 12.7m x 4.0m up to 35mm thickness

Key Points

  • Full CAD / CAM programming facilities supporting 2d & 3d file formats
  • All types of development work undertaken
  • All cutting facilities fully CNC controlled.
  • All grades of Mild / Carbon / Boiler / Pressure & Stainless steel plates processed from complete supply / Free Issue.

Typical Products

  • All pipe work developments including Branches / Cones / Lobster Back bends & Transitions (e.g. square to Rounds)
  • Standard / complex Laser cut shapes with or without holes / slots
  • Porthole Beams
Tee Splitting

Tee Splitting

At Barnshaws, all sizes of Universal Beam, Column or Joist can be split and straightened. With specialist splitting and straightening machines, Barnshaws have the most efficient high speed splitting capacity available in the UK.

If required, the flanges of sections can be trimmed to produce non-standard bars. Beams can also be supplied with radiused edges for specialist applications.



At Barnshaws we can offer saw cutting to length and end forming subject to requirements.



Packaging can be offered to customer requirements for transit of goods throughout the UK and overseas.

Edge Prepping

Edge Prepping

Weld preparations to Our Supply / Free Issue material can be produced utilising the following Methods:-

  • Flame / Plasma Bevelling - By means of a motorised unit with a positional head. (Note: This can be adapted to produce >= 1:4 Tapers to inside or outside.
  • Mechanical - Punch Nibbling / Rotary Shear
  • All standard weld preps produced - Single / Double vee
Beam Straightening

Beam Straightening

At Barnshaws, our expertise extends beyond the bending of profiles; we also specialize in the scrupulous process of straightening them. Our commitment to precision engineering ensures that not only do we skilfully shape and mold profiles to meet specific requirements, but we also take great care in rectifying any deformations that may occur during manufacturing or usage. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver high-quality profiles that not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing our clients with structurally sound and precisely aligned components for their diverse applications.

More Information

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