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Barnshaws offers new beam welding service

The new welding machine, combined with existing plate cutting facilities, can manufacture custom sized T & I-beams

Barnshaws Section Benders, the world’s leading company in curved steel structures, is now offering customers beam welding services. The introduction of new equipment is part of the company’s strategy to provide high-quality, customisable and adaptable construction components with short lead times.

The manufacturing capacity at Barnshaws’ dedicated facility has been enhanced with the arrival of a new semi-automated submerged arc T & I welding machine to further support customers in the oil and gas, structural, general engineering and machinery industries.

The new welding machine, combined with existing plate cutting facilities, can manufacture custom sized T & I-beams from plate steel, which allows Barnshaws to offer a more cost-effective solution to their customers. The beams can measure up to 1 metre in depth, 0.5 metre width and can have a maximum linear density of 600 kg/m. It is possible to produce sections up to 19 metres long.

The T&I welding machine also enables the manufacture of fabricated and tapered tees. In addition, components can be offered with a single or multi-run fillet, depending on the intended use of the structure.

Thanks to this new piece of equipment, Barnshaws can now offer CE marked welded products. This is in addition to the existing certification for structural steel components for which Barnshaws has the highest accreditation of execution class 4. This new service will complement Barnshaws’ Porthole Beams™ manufacturing portfolio, which offers profiled plates, beam fabrication, portholing and cambering.

Mechanised welding will allow Barnshaws to increase and improve its welding capability, by increasing productivity, ensuring more consistent and accurate weld quality and more predictable welding production rates. Barnshaws endeavours to continuously improve its extra processing performance, expertise and range of services. The additional utility will broaden the company’s competencies, expanding from the traditional metal bending services such as beam bending, tube rolling, and press braking.   

Greg North, Commercial Director at Barnshaws, commented: “This new T&I welding machine gives us increased capability to support requirements from customers in demanding industries. While we already operate a number of different machines for various steelwork purposes, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, and offer more choice to our customers.”

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