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Freedom of shape with no deformations

Barnshaws brought tube bending profiles to the next level

Barnshaws brought tube bending profiles to the next level.

Three-dimensional bends have never been so accurate. The new ø114.3 mm CNC Mandrel Tube Bender has been put to test recently by a challenging product for the agricultural industry for which we were able to produce multiple exact components in a quick and efficient way.

The ⌀88.9 x 6 mm pipes were bent to 3D radius*, two 90° and two 30° bends were performed on two planes. The complex geometry and the weight of the pipes made it crucial to automate the bending process in order to do the job efficiently. The challenge was there for the machine to prove its capability against strict tolerances and to show the speed and repeatability it’s designed for.

*3D radius: centreline radius of the bend is 3 times the outside diameter of the pipe

The machine robust build quality and the CNC control delivered what it promised. Human interaction was limited to loading/unloading tubes and controlling the process. The high automation resulted in effortless bending with ±0.1° accuracy on every angle, even the ones bent on 2 planes. As soon as the geometry was confirmed the pipes were ready for delivery.

Our full automatic mandrel bending machine enables fast, accurate bending with high repeatability for both simple projects, as well as complex designs with the tightest radii.

David Priest, Technical Sales Engineer said: “For me this 3D CNC Mandrel Tube Bender machine is an exciting new addition to our bending service. Most people are already aware of our comprehensive range of large and small CNC rolling machines but this is the first time we’ve entered the multi axis tube manipulation market. It’s an exciting new direction for Barnshaws.

I believe that there’s a gap in the market for larger multi axis tube bending which this machine allows us to fill. We now offer consistent and accurate bending on tubes between 42.4 mm and 114.3 mm (CHS) and also a range of box sections (RHS). Larger sections can be accommodated by our induction bending machines.

It’s possible that we may have turned down enquiries from you in the past so give us another try, there’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to help."

Undoubtedly, the shortening of the bending time is also an advantage compared to our traditional methods.

The highly-skilled engineering support enables the optimisation of all programs for the highest quality, productivity and reduced material waste. The machine is a great addition to our existing tube and pipe bending services


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