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Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube

Barnshaws Steel Bending has recently curved what is believed to be the largest cold bent tube ever undertaken.

The project involved bending 16 tubes, 1300 o/dia x 70mm thick for a roof structure in Poland.

All of the tubes were curved to a radius of 49.7 mtrs.

Previous options of producing structures such as these were limited to induction bending or producing the curve by a series of facets, which is not so appealing architecturally.

Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube background image Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube first image

The tubes weighed a total of 400 tonnes and were manufactured in Germany.

The elastic modulus of the tubes is 79000 cm3 thus requiring incredible forces to bend.

The production period for the 16 tubes was 14 weeks.

Typical applications for this machine will be for stadia, roof structures and bridges. Architects and clients are encouraged to involve Barnshaws Steel Bending at an early stage as limitations of previous bending capabilities are surpassed by this new technology.

Standard Background Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube second image

Barnshaws can curve the entire range of universal sections, cold bend tube up to 1500 dia x 60mm thick and induction bend up to 711 dia tube.

Please contact Greg North, Commercial Director, Barnshaws Steel Bending on 0121 557 8261 or e-mail for further information.

Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube background image Barnshaws Curve Largest Tube third image
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