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Huge tube rolling range

Barnshaws' range of Tube Rolling fits most companies' requirements. High speed CNC pipe rolling machines to 4000 tonne jumbo tube bending machines are examples of equipment used to fulfil customer's orders.

Quality testing

Pipes can be checked for quality, Wall thickness pre and post bend, surface hardness and tensile strength. Our facilities are all ISO 9001-2008 accredited by BSI.

Tube Cutting

Barnshaws' can supply the section bending, saw cut and de-burred to size. Digital positioning and automatic clamping are used for accuracy.

Induction Tube Rolling up to 711mm o/d x 25mm thick
Mandrel Tube Rolling up to 168mm o/d x 5mm thick
Mandrel Rolling up to 686mm o/d x 25mm thick
Cold pipe rolling up to 1500mm o/d x 70mm thick

Non-Ferrous tube and section bending specialists

If requested, Barnshaws will guarantee your pipes will be free from contamination on our site, providing it is protected upon arrival. Specialist tooling and handling equipment is used.

Quality and standards used for section bending, plate rolling and plate bending

Bending for structural applications meets N.S.S.S tolerances. Section Bending for petrochemical applications meet ASME standards.

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