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Barnshaws make waves with Pelamis' next generation of renewable power

The recently launched P2 machine is the latest generation of energy conversion, developed and manufactured by Pelamis Wave Power, with various curved sections bent by Barnshaws Section Benders.

Regarded as the world's most forward-thinking wave energy developer, Pelamis Wave Power have strived to design a machine with the potential to provide 2,000 TWh/year. After working with the energy developer on the original Pelamis prototype, Barnshaw's Hamilton branch in Scotland are pleased to be carrying the relationship forward into the next generation of sustainable energy.

The 180m long 'sea-snake', is designed to sit on the water surface as waves pass through the cylindrical body, converting ocean wave energy into electricity. The modular design contains five 33 – 38m long tubes, with a 4m diameter, each hinged together allowing sections flex relative to one another.

Curved pieces provided by Barnshaws include 15 x 200mm thick S355 plates, bent into cans for the body, plus 100 thick hydraulic connectors and several plates used to construct the nose cone and 'fins'.

Barnshaws were chosen to be a part of this pioneering project, after Pelamis Wave Power selected suppliers working to the highest quality, safety and sustainability practices.

For further information on the Pelamis machines, visit

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