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The Orbit was designed by artist Anish Kapoor and engineered by leading structural designer Cecil Balmond.

Fabrication of the tower was completed by Watson Steel part of Severfield-Rowen PLC.

At 115 meters tall, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is set to be the tallest sculpture in Britain, and a lasting tribute to the 2012 London Olympics. Visitors will have the opportunity to climb the continuous looping lattice of tubular steel via its long spiraling walkway, bent by Barnshaw Steel Bending Hamilton.

The staircase is made up of modules, constructed using spiral box sections up to 300mm deep. The sections had to be mandrel spiraled which was a new technique; developed by Barnshaws Hamilton Branch, specifically for the sculpture.

Months of testing different sections preceded the fabrication stage to ensure the spiraled sections were perfect.

Each section is tailored to measure the individual specifications to fit its position within the sculpture. As each piece has a slightly different length and bend size, and it was essential that quality checks were made at every stage, ensuring accuracy throughout the project.

The spiraling walkway is intertwined around the large-scale lattice structure.

Barnshaw Section Benders worked closely with Watson Steel and ARUP from the beginning of the project, working together during the initial design stages, helping to develop the final structural method. This early involvement with fabricators and contractors is what enables Barnshaws to repeatedly win such prestigious projects.

The huge order placed with Barnshaws Scottish Division indicates the benefits of the London Olympics on Scottish industry.

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