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Mandrel Bending

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  • All sizes up to 76.1 x 3 mm
  • Necking avoided
  • No marking to very little marking
  • All materials bent
  • Can be bent in 2D, 3D or more

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Equipment used

Very good quality machinery is used. Mandrel bending machines are different from standard compression bending equipment as they eliminate necking and produce a better quality bend. The machinery is distinctively set up for each individual job.

Why mandrel bending is better for your material

Large compressive stresses exerted during bending can cause buckling if the walls are too thin. Barnshaws mandrel bending machines maintains the shape of your material with little or no distortion of the cross section.

Application for mandrel bent material

There may be various application means for mandrel bent material. Usually these may be used for car parks, architectural street furniture or signs.

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